Как написать резюме?

Составьте резюме с высоким откликом от Работодателей. Чем больше Работодателей откликнется и пригласит Вас на интервью — тем больше шансов найти ту работу, о которой Вы мечтали.

Business background with resume, vector

 Как «читают» резюме рекрутеры?

First applications are received 200 seconds after a job is posted

Average time spent looking at a CV is 5-7 seconds

One spelling or grammar mistake and your CV will be chucked in the bin

88% job rejection rate if you have a photo of yourself on your CV

One in three employers rejected candidates based on something they found about them online

An average of 250 CVs are received for each job position

68% of employers will find you on Facebook

17% chance that your cover letter will be read

76% of CVs are ignored if your email address is unprofessional


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